KentHOPE Shelter

KentHOPE, a ministry of Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission, brings together local non-profits, neighbors, businesses, and churches in a community approach to reducing homelessness in Kent.

Providing emergency meals and shelter to hurting and homeless women and children, KentHOPE cares for body, mind, and spirit.

Standing for Kent Homelessness Partnership Effort, KentHOPE provides a stable pathway out of homelessness.

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KentHOPE Emergency Shelter can host up to 80 women and their children each day and night, and meet their immediate needs. KentHOPE is the front line and first point of interaction for guests walking in off the streets, interested in resources, emergency shelter and/or housing. We demonstrate the love of Jesus in action.

  • Resources for housing and recovery
  • Employment assistance
  • Showers, laundry facilities, restrooms
  • 3 substantial, healthy meals served daily
  • Evaluation and access to mental health and addiction counseling
  • Mentoring and companionship to promote relationship-building



KentHOPE Bridge Recovery Program is a 24/7 recovery program that helps women–and women with children–stabilize, who are coming directly off the streets or have suddenly become homeless.  Approximately one to three months in duration, this program is designed to help women overcome trauma due to behavioral health issues, domestic violence, homelessness, medical conditions, loss of job and other issues. They are given opportunities to set weekly goals to address their personal concerns, as well as investigate income and benefits, housing options, employment options, support groups, legal aid and more. Following successful stabilization (30 to 90 day stay), Bridge Program guests transition into our Women’s Recovery Program at Hope Place (see video below), transitional housing or permanent housing. As a Christ-centered organization, we incorporate Biblical principles into recovery education to help women gain the tools they need for lifetime recovery. Our relational approach to recovery emphasizes grace as we learn to love God, others and ourselves in new and healthy ways.

KentHOPE Link Transitional Program is a six month clean and sober residential program that provides Christian discipleship, life skill classes, case management, vocational training and occupational work therapy to help women successfully seek and maintain employment while saving funds for stable housing.


$9.84 delivers water, food, and lifesaving care for the heat.


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