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Post Graduation

When a life is impacted by abuse and addiction, the result is often isolation and instability. We work to empower people to restore their lives through our faith-based programs and community.

We help men and women take the next step towards regaining work and daily responsibilities through our programs, with resources including transitional housing, job training, continuing education, community-building opportunities, and more.

We desire to create a connection for the community to wrap around those in recovery — they themselves being changed just as much in the process.


The Mission's Aftercare Link program offers support and stability for men or women who are restarting their lives.

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Continuing Education

Education is key for finding employment and reaching long-term goals. We help men and women gain the education, job skills, and certification that they need to build a stable future.

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Job Placement

Our personalized programs enable men and women to take the final leap into employment. Whether it's learning English, building a resume, or preparing for a job interview, we can help.

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Help our homeless neighbors
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Every $15.24 delivers a Summer Survival Kit
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