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Help those in need while team building with co-workers

Get ready. You won’t believe the impact of serving at Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission can have on your company. 

From fostering teamwork to raising morale, our corporate volunteers say we offer the easiest and most meaningful community service opportunity in the greater Seattle area.

We welcome large corporations and small companies alike. Your experience with the Mission will be easy, stress-free and rewarding for your employees.


Ways to get involved

Why partner with the Mission?

Let's partner to combat homelessness! At the Mission, we believe that relationship is key in all we do. We provide 24/7, 360-degree support services for homeless people in the greater Seattle area. Going where people live, we listen to their stories, and regularly connect with each person to provide emergency care and invite them into our recovery programs.

It all starts with dignity—in the form of a blanket, a hot shower, a homecooked meal, a warm place to sleep, and friendship. It continues with addiction recovery, one-on-one counseling, and long term solutions.

Do you have questions? If you are interested in partnering with the Mission, get in touch with Lori — lschupbach@ugm.org or (206) 556-5912.

Help our homeless neighbors
living on the street

Your generosity will meet urgent needs, and help
those who are lost — struggling with homelessness, addiction,
and feeling utterly alone and isolated — become found.


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