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Together, we can change our city

Why partner with the Mission?

At the Mission, we believe broken relationships and trauma are at the root of homelessness. We also believe healthy relationships – with God and with others – hold the key to healing from the trauma that often leads to homelessness. With more than 13,000 of our neighbors struggling with homelessness right now, we understand the importance of partnering with others who love our city as we do, including individuals, churches, non-profits, and corporations like yours.

We know that companies both big and small are full of people who are passionate about their community and want to make a difference in the lives of others. If that describes your company, we would love to invite you to partner with us.

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By partnering with the Mission, your company will have the opportunity to positively impact our community by helping men and women struggling with homelessness, addiction, and mental health issues find new lives filled with hope. In helping men and women get off the streets, your company will not only impact our city, but it will change lives for generations to come. In addition, your company will also enhance its reputation as a company that has compassion for its neighbors, and acts on that compassion.

We have a variety of opportunities for your company and employees to get involved. These opportunities require varying levels of commitment of human and/or financial resources.

Some of these opportunities offer immersive experiences. Some enhance team building. Some give your employees a deeper understanding of the basics of homelessness and how we address the root causes at the Mission.

Ways your company can get involved





With the help of our partners, we address root causes and break the cycle of homelessness by meeting urgent physical needs, building relationships, and offering long-term recovery programs. Our efforts work to restore dignity and help move people to healthy lives free from the streets. This is why we value corporate partners who not only have a desire to see our city thrive, but have the resources to help create and build those relationships that will help our neighbors leave homelessness behind.

Do you have questions? If you are interested in partnering with the Mission, get in touch with Lori — lschupbach@ugm.org or (206) 556-5912.

Help the lost become found

Your gift today helps those who've lost their way find the love and support they need for a new life.


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