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Basic needs must be satisfied before someone can imagine a different life.

We served 342,385 ​meals to men, women, and children last year. We also provided 75,367 nights of safe shelter for men, women, and their children.

God uses simple moments at the Mission to redirect entire lives. 

Men’s Shelter

Nobody should have to sleep on the streets! Come inside to our Men's Shelter for the night. Or just come for a meal. We serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner to both men and women.

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KentHOPE Women's Emergency Shelter

KentHOPE Women's Emergency Shelter provides a safe place for women and their children to spend the day while learning about resources to help them overcome homelessness and other difficulties. Overnight accommodations are also available.

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Spanish Ministries

It's hard enough to be hungry and homeless when you know the language. Try facing it when you don't! That's why we provide interpretation and other services for our Spanish-speaking friends.

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Post-Hospital Recovery

Recovery from an accident or operation is difficult in the best of circumstances, and nearly impossible with no one to help. Men and women needing physical recovery receive a safe place to heal until they regain independence.

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Prison Ministries

Prison is a dark and lonely place. We refuse to forget those locked inside. To help them return to society and never look back, we give them the tools to break internal chains through Bible studies, life skills classes, and one-on-one mentoring.

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Legal Services

Stolen ID. Outstanding warrants. Unpaid court fines. These and other legal issues can block someone from gaining employment and getting their own apartment. Our legal team provides free help to unravel and deal with simple to complex legal issues.

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Dental Services

A beautiful smile changes everything. But for those in poverty, it's a luxury. We provide free dental care to restore the smile everyone deserves. What seems like a simple thing can transform someone's life, lifting their self-esteem and opening doors to a new future.

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Help the lost become found

Your gift today helps those who've lost their way find the love and support they need for a new life.


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