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Legal Services

Legal problems trap men and women in homelessness. Many of these can be resolved easily, but homeless people often have no voice in the legal system, no money to pay for legal services, and no idea how to proceed.

We're giving homeless men and women a voice, so they can move on to the next stage of life. By clearing up their legal issues we equip them to leave chronic homelessness in the past.

Our volunteer lawyers and paralegals meet with each client to hear their story. Then we help them build a plan to address the issue. We exist to provide affordable legal assistance to those in greatest need.

Legal services we provide to our community

Our work centers around reducing barriers to financial and social stability, focusing on issues like:

  • Getting your License Back
  • Getting a State I.D.
  • Immigration
  • Debts
  • Court Fines
  • Criminal warrants and records
  • Child support, custody and visitation
  • Divorce

Do you need legal help? Or to find our more, contact David — dmace@ugm.org or (206) 682-4642.

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