Men's Shelter

Our downtown Men's Shelter is located in a historic building near Pioneer Square. It's what most people think of when they hear the words "Union Gospel Mission."

This is one of many places where we continue the work we've been doing for 90 years — and here we start with the basics of feeding and housing people in greatest need.

We like to think of the doorway at our Men's Shelter as an entrance into a changed life

Men are encouraged to join the Enhanced Shelter Program, Bridge Recovery Program, or Link Program. We offer these services and programs to help men find stability, with the hope that some will chose to enter one of our long-term recovery programs.

Enhanced Shelter Program

The Enhanced Shelter Program is designed to help stabilize men who are currently experiencing homelessness. Through the 90-day Enhanced Shelter Program, we offer:

  • meals, shelter, and basic necessities
  • case management
  • resources and referrals
  • Bible studies and devotionals

Bridge Recovery Program

The Bridge Program is a 30-90 day benchmark-driven addiction recovery program designed to help men overcome substance abuse. Through the Bridge program, we provide:

  • weekly classes
  • case management
  • recovery meetings
  • community meetings
  • Bible studies and devotionals

Link Work Readiness Program

The Link Program is a clean and sober residential program to help men fulfill personal and professional goals to overcome homelessness. Through the Link Program, we offer:

  • meals, shelter, and basic necessities
  • case management
  • life skills and professional development
  • occupational work therapy 
  • Bible studies and devotionals


Do you want to know more about volunteering at the Men's Shelter?

Volunteering is more than a service opportunity. It's the chance to give hope, healing, and help save lives. You can help serve meals, greet guests, tutor, and/or teach new skills. We have some way for just about everyone to serve.

View upcoming Men's Shelter volunteer opportunities and sign up.

Help the lost become found

Your gift today helps those who've lost their way find the love and support they need for a new life.


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