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Prison Ministries

Incarceration provides men and women lots of time to face the truth about themselves and the world. Prison hardens some people, but others choose to turn their lives around. The problem is, they face an uphill battle.

Many face their future alone because their family has written them off. Most have only a high school diploma or less. All of them will face stigma when they're released.

Families are torn apart and many lose a substantial amount of income when their spouse or parent goes to jail. Add money problems to emotional pain and you have a tragic situation.

Physical, mental and spiritual support

Prisoners live in dark, forgotten places. We refuse to forget them.

It's not our job to judge them for what they've done. We just want to help them prepare for a different life when they're released.

How we help prisoners and their families

We bring hope to prisoners by:

  • Leading Bible studies
  • Holding church services
  • Teaching life-skills programs
  • Providing 1-on-1 counseling
  • Helping prisoners reenter society after release

Families also need help and healing. We provide children with gifts from their incarcerated parent on Christmas and their birthday.


We have programs in the following facilities:

  • Regional Justice Center — Kent
  • Monroe Correctional Complex — Monroe
  • King County Correctional Facility — Seattle
  • Community Center for Alternative Programs — Seattle

Do you have questions about prison ministry? Get in touch with Chris — cthomas@ugm.org or (206) 241-3991.

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