Thank you for giving Thanksgiving meals

Terry Pallas - November 23 2018

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Thank you for giving Thanksgiving meals

Because of you, we were able to provide a piping hot Thanksgiving meal to all who came through our doors!

A meal at the Mission is just the first step. What you really offer them is a chance to reconnect with our community and find their way to God . . . who loves them and wants to transform them from the inside out.

You helped neighbors who've lost so much find a meal and hope for new life this Thanksgiving!

•  More than 2,000 meals served on Thanksgiving

•  Food boxes delivered to hungry families

•  Over 100 Thanksgiving volunteers served with us

•  100 handcrafted pumpkin pies served to guests

God uses simple moments at the Mission to redirect entire lives...

“This meal means coming together with your brothers and sisters and eating. It just brings people together.” — Jason 

“This meal means that I won’t go hungry. There’s a lot of people in this world that won’t go hungry because of the Mission today.” — Linda Lou

“I am thankful to be alive and have caring people helping me out. God is helping me out through life, too. I'm thankful I’m moving forward instead of backward.” — Kevin

“I’m thankful being here and for Father God answering my prayers.” — Lawrence 

Thank you for the many plates of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and pie. But more important than the meal being served, you helped lost neighbors find God's love, His redeeming hope, and new life this Thanksgiving season.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for helping men, women, and children who wouldn't have anywhere else to go this holiday season.

See the smiles you made possible this Thanksgiving season!