Lost Angels

Over a cold November weekend the Mission partnered with acclaimed international photographer, Lee Jeffries, to create a powerful outdoor exhibit.

Lost Angels, a public mobile art exhibition, featured portraits of unsheltered men and women projected at massive-scale onto the facades of buildings and landmarks throughout Seattle neighborhoods. Accompanied by stories of the individuals featured, the entire experience drew attention to the growing number of homeless neighbors in Seattle, one face at a time.


For I was hungry and you gave me food,
I was thirsty and you gave me drink,
I was a stranger and you welcomed me.


Heroin stopped his heart twice.
Now he’s using that heart to help rescue others.
Read Mike's story.


At 14, he rescued his siblings
from a life of abuse.
Read Joel's story.


Jail, treatment, the streets, and
transitional housing were a repeated cycle.
Read Adam's story.


5,239 people
without homes are also
battling mental illness.


Her street name
was crackhead.
Read Roslyn's story.



Roughly 35% of King
County’s homeless
suffer with mental illness.



Tonight, 4,191 people
living on the streets are
struggling with addiction.



Tonight 5,485 people on
King County are sleeping
on the streets



40% have a
history of
domestic violence.


11,600+ people
are homeless in
King County


3,958 live
with post-traumatic
stress disorder


A young artist
trapped by her addiction and hunger.
Read Alaina's story.


1 in 5 children goes hungry
in Washington state.
To us, it is one too many.




Here are a couple of ways you can make a big difference!