Jesse's Story

“The Mission gave me a place and an environment where I could add some type of value.”


Jesse felt more dead than alive . . . until you helped bring him back to life


At the Mission, Jesse found healing through Christ, thanks to YOU!

Jesse shifts a little against the cold, hard stone pressing into his back. At least here, the ground is soft. The surroundings are peaceful. The “neighbors” are certainly quiet . . . This isn’t the first time Jesse has spent the night in the cemetery. But here, no one tries to hassle him.



". . . I was wishing someone would just spill coffee on themselves in the car and veer off and take me out.”



He knows what he looks like. Skinny. Ragged. Dirty. But he doesn’t want anyone’s pity. He just wishes something would take his pain away. Jesse began smoking cigarettes at 4 or 5 years old. By 7th grade, Jesse was smoking weed, and by 10th grade, it had escalated to acid. A couple of months later, Jesse tried meth. That’s when he really started to go down a black hole. Then he found himself on an overpass near Alderwood Mall, thinking about hurling himself over the edge . . .

“Right before I was about to jump, a car drove by and honked the horn, which got me to stutter step and go into the guardrail. And then I just kept walking,” Jesse recalls.

Your drive and purpose is gone

By this time, Jesse had gone so far down the path of self-destruction, he barely recognized himself. “It’s like you slowly become these other people,” Jesse says. “Your drive and your purpose is gone . . . it was killing me.”

Unfortunately for Jesse, his situation was going to get worse before it got better.

One night, Jesse was picked up by the police, but was driven straight to the hospital. He had a leg infection that looked like it needed immediate attention. Jesse says, “It was a good thing that I got picked up and went in there, because in a couple more weeks they would have had to amputate my leg.” But Jesse was still facing jail time. After serving his 45 days, Jesse finally sobered up . . . and found that sobriety felt good. Even better, he knew where he might get help to turn his life around.

Jesse had been to the Mission before. “I remembered this was a good place, that you can come here and they’ll help you for whatever problems you might have,” Jesse says. So when Jesse came into the Mission again, it was with every hope of finding a new beginning. “I had to take some time for myself and really figure out where I was trying to go,” Jesse shares. “The Mission gave me a place and an environment where I could add some type of value.”

At the Mission, Jesse worked in the kitchen and scrubbed dishes. “Every hour that I worked, I could see the change, because I was ready to receive, to humble myself to the lesson learned,” Jesse says. “It gave me the opportunity to find myself again.”

But that’s not all Jesse found. He also found the love of God. Jesse shares, “The most valuable thing is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Although this world can weigh you down, Jesus brings you up and out.”



“The Mission gave me a place and an environment where I could add some type of value.”


YOU have the power to...


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