“I was a lost soul

Even when it’s impossible to see, hope can be found. To bring visibility and a sense of dignity to the plight of those who have lost so much, we have partnered with renowned photographers Lee Jeffries and Shawn Michienzi to present our ad campaign: Lost & Found In Seattle.

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Lost Angels

2017/2018 Print & Digital ads

2017/2018 PR events

Lost Angels, a public mobile art exhibition, featured portraits of unsheltered men and women projected at massive-scale onto the facades of buildings and landmarks throughout Seattle neighborhoods. The entire experience drew attention to the growing number of homeless neighbors in Seattle, one face at a time.

Clothing boutique for women

Seattle stylists Darcy Camden of Styled Seattle and Sydney Mintle of Gossip & Glamour took on their most ambitious project yet — styling 100 women and kids at the Mission in just one week! Thanks to Purpose Boutique and generous donors, each woman and child received a new "Sunday Best" outfit for Easter to match their new hope and fresh outlook on life. For some women and children, it was likely their first Easter dress or first clip on tie, and more importantly, a reunion with their family.

Save a neighbor from the death-grip of hypothermia!

Just $9.84 delivers a lifesaving Winter Survival Kit

Equip our Search + Rescue teams as they pursue those experiencing homelessness and hunger, fighting to survive on Seattle’s streets.


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