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Volunteer Groups

One of the best ways to get involved is through volunteering! You'll directly impact the lives of people living in the darkest places in our community.

Group Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering with your group is flexible to your group’s needs, is rewarding, and is planned for you by our volunteer department! Here are some of our most-needed group volunteer opportunities:

  • Bring-A-Meal
    Our staff would love to partner with your group if you are able to purchase, prepare, and bring an entire meal to one of our shelters. Our guests absolutely love special meals prepared by our wonderful volunteers! We have four shelters to choose from in Pioneer Square, Burien, Rainier Valley, and Kent. Each shelter has different age requirements, group size limits, and food restrictions, so please inquire about the specific needs of your group. Learn more about BAM
  • Distribution Center
    At the heart of the Mission is our Kent Distribution center, where all donated goods are sorted, organized, and distributed to our various sites. Come serve alongside our team as we pack and deliver much needed food and supplies to those in greatest need.
  • Riverton Place
    Members of your group will help us wash vans, organize rooms, maintain the grounds (weather permitting), make sandwiches for Search & Rescue, and any other tasks the staff might need. Saturdays only.
  • ...and more!

Group Guidelines

Here are a few quick things you should know before bringing your group.

    • Group Sizes 
      Except for the two exceptions noted below, the ideal group size is 8-10 people. With sufficient notice, it is possible for larger groups of 12-16 people to serve at some sites. For most larger groups, splitting into smaller teams will allow you to help more people at more locations, and will be more enjoyable and fulfilling to the members of your group.
      • The Distribution Center can regularly accommodate groups up to 20 and can also consider groups up to 30 with advanced notice.
      • If you are interested in bringing a large group for an extended stay, contact Glenn at golson@ugm.org or (206) 723-0767 x474
    • Make sure everyone in your group has created a volunteer profile
      Because we serve a vulnerable population, and to ensure the safety of our staff, guests, residents, and volunteers, we run background checks on all of our volunteers. If anyone in your group does not have a volunteer profile they will unfortunately not be able to volunteer with us. Create a volunteer profile here.
    • We cannot accommodate volunteer groups on Sundays
      Extra staff are not available to supervise and mentor volunteers and many of our residents are often out, so we cannot accommodate larger volunteer groups on Sundays. (Recurring and regular volunteer events, such as serving meals with 6-8 people, are still available on Sundays.)

Have questions or want to register your group? Contact Glenn at golson@ugm.org or (206) 723-0767 x474

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