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Pray With Us

Even when it seems impossible to see, hope can be found.​

We recognize we can do nothing apart from God. As you go about your daily life, will you please join us in asking Him to intervene and lead us in the work He’s doing here at the Mission?


“It’s crazy because I just love having a simple, quiet life, and sometimes I’m just like, ‘Here I am just at home with my little toddler and just living this really nice life and not worrying about where I’m going to sleep tonight,’ and it just feels really good, and I feel super grateful, and it’s hard to sometimes even realize how far I’ve come.”

Gabrielle’s prayer requests:

  • Pray for my son Elijah as he starts a new preschool, that he will adjust and I will be able to support his big feelings during the transition, and while we continue to potty train.
  • Pray for my promotion at work, that I would tap into my leadership skills and have the confidence to lead my team.
  • Praise God with me that He met me in the midst of my brokenness and rescued me.

Alvin's prayer requests:

  • Pray that I can be a light and help others see something in me that will help them change their life.
  • Pray that I can use the testimony that God’s given me with humility and grace.
  • Praise God with me for the Mission and how they opened.


“I am in a real good spot. It was a rough going there for a minute, but I’m so excited what the Lord has for me. I’m so excited what the future looks like. God has given me a testimony that I just want to share with someone else, and maybe, they won’t go through what I went through.”


“When I came to the Mission, I would get up, get dressed, and get myself together. I stopped wearing bandannas on my head, so you would be able to see me. I started to get a closer relationship with Christ, and I started to be able to hear Him tell me that I was better and that I could do better.”

Lisa’s prayer requests:

  • Pray that we would find a kidney donor for my husband and a successful operation.
  • Pray for my grandchildren that they may understand and receive Jesus in their hearts.
  • Praise God with me for my renewed mind, increased confidence, and ability to believe in myself.

Amber’s prayer requests:

  • Pray that others in addiction will see the light of God and choose to live life a new way.
  • Pray for God to lift any anxiety and stress as my family learns how to live together again, and for peace, healing, and reconciliation.
  • Praise God with me that I have my own place, and that my mom is now living with me.


“The Mission has completely changed my life. It gave me hope and they welcomed me with open arms. The classes really taught me how to love myself and not believe the lies that I lived in for so long that were once told to me, I was able to come out of my depression and my anxiety.”


“I remember crying out on the street, just broken, alone, had nothing, had nobody, and just saying, ‘Lord, if you can just take the pain away from me I will follow you.’ And I knew when I walked into the Mission that I made the right decision, that I came to the right place. And that’s when God started working in my life.”

Josh’s prayer requests:

  • Pray for opportunities to share with our homeless neighbors that I was once in their shoes, and that they’re welcomed at the Mission.
  • Pray for the willingness of our homeless neighbors to accept help and take the first step towards a new life.
  • Praise God with me that by His grace, I’m still here.

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