Pray With Us

Even when it seems impossible to see, hope can be found.​

We recognize we can do nothing apart from God. As you go about your daily life, will you please join us in asking Him to intervene and lead us in the work He’s doing here at the Mission?


Trapped in prostitution, Annette started working the Seattle streets at age 14. 

"I don’t remember any Christmas before coming to the Mission. I was probably working the streets. One of my first memories at the Mission was Christmas morning, I woke up to tons of gifts outside my door. Those gifts showed me God’s love. I remember every Christmas since then and cherish the time with family." Read Annettes full story.


Annette’s prayer requests:

Please pray:

      • Pray for my daughters and grandchildren.
      • Pray for continued humility and wisdom as I serve my family, my team, women, and children.
      • For every woman and child at our new shelter, and for guidance and strength as I tell them about your amazing love.


Crystal experienced abuse as a child.

She became addicted to meth, and was homeless off and on for 20 years. "It was a nightmare the whole time.” One night, the Missions, Search + Rescue team brought Crystal blankets, clothes, and food for her dog. "They cared for me and helped me find hope and a path out of homelessness." Today, Crystal helps other women and families rebuild their lives. Read Crystal's full story.


Crystal’s prayer requests:

Please pray:

      • for my financial situation.
      • for my anxiety and healing. 
      • that my family stays healthy and knows that God loves them.


Stormy’s childhood was marked by domestic violence, drugs, and abuse.

Drugs numbed the pain, but she became homeless and lost her kids. At the Mission, Stormy found healing and a safe place to be reunited with her kids. Her interest in design turned into an internship that turned into a full time job with the Mission. “I’m thankful for the Mission’s art director and marketing team for taking me under their wing." Read Stormy's full story.


Stormy's prayer requests:

Please pray:

      • for wisdom and guidance in raising my kids.
      • that I will resist temptations to find comfort in things of this world, and seek God instead
      • that I will be the woman and mother God wants me to be.


At 16, Scott and his brother started using drugs and alcohol.

They lost control of our lives, became homeless, and wound up in the hospital. Shortly afterwards, Scott and his brother joined the Mission’s recovery program. “We found a supportive community and the doors opened for me to attend college.” Scott completed his degree, has been on staff at the Mission for over 23 years and today serves as the Vice President of Program Ministries. Read Scott's full story.



Scott's prayer requests:

Please pray:

      • that God would keep breaking my heart for people caught up in addiction.
      • For wisdom to improve Mission programs so that we can best serve our homeless neighbors.
      • That I will stay humble, obedient, and never forget from where God has brought me.


Grief and addiction overwhelmed Bob and Cindy. 

They lost hope, their jobs, and became homeless. Cindy entered the Mission’s recovery program with two young kids. The Mission helped her son find a way to play football and her daughter to play softball. “God knew what we needed and gave us a chance to create new memories and to be together in a positive way.” Read Cindy's full story.


Cindy's prayer requests:

Please pray:

      • that I have understanding and ability to care for my mother with her recent diagnosis of dementia.
      • that my children trust in God, and have the courage to strive to achieve their goals.

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