Nicky's Story

“I felt very abandoned. That led me to a life of relying on men that were abusive and controlling.”


Nicky's transformation — a life of abuse and homelessness to freedom.


"When I was growing up there wasn't a lot of parental guidance, so I felt very abandoned. That led me to a life of relying on men that were abusive and controlling. And I felt that I needed them. At 39, I was evicted for the first time and it left me homeless. I was left with just my car and anything that I could fit in it. It was devastating and I just needed a chance to start over...."

Stay tuned for the transformation story and final reveal of a new "Sunday Best" outfit for Nicky to match her hope and fresh outlook on life  just in time for Easter!



“I had nobody. I lost everything in order to build a better foundation for my life.”



Easter at the Mission is about personal redemption and new life for women like Nicky. Often estranged from family and friends, many enter our Women's Recovery Program with little hope, self-respect, and few, if any possessions. Over the course of a year, they experience love and trust, break addictions, learn about God’s unconditional love and acceptance, rebuild their families and lives with dignity and respect.

Your compassion will transform lives.

With so many hurting people coming into the Mission, a message of hope needs to be spread all over King County! A new life for someone like Nicky can start with you!

Your gift of meals and care for $2.17 not only feeds a hungry soul, it has the power to resurrect HOPE.


YOU have the power to...


Here are a couple of ways you can make a big difference!

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