Jenn's Story

“I was addicted to drugs, homeless, and lost. I lost my kids. I lost my family. I was lost in my addiction.”


A full-blown alcoholic at 14, Jenn was living in a van outside her drug dealer’s house with her two-year-old son.


Lost in addiction and alone at Christmas 

You rescue the most vulnerable from the streets with your generosity!

I was living in a van outside my drug dealer’s house with my two-year-old son.

That was probably my rock bottom. I was just desperate for help. I thought there was no way out of it and that I was going to lose my son. I was very scared.

I was addicted to drugs, homeless, and lost. I lost my kids. I lost my family. I was lost in my addiction. I had been using since age 10. It started out at Christmastime. Most kids would be excited for Christmas. I knew my family was going to drink, so I was excited to have alcohol. I was a full-blown alcoholic at 14.

My parents knew, but I hid it a lot. I was a closet drinker until about age 25. But they knew. I ruined a lot of relationships...

The Christmas before I came to the Mission, I was all by myself because nobody wanted me — nobody trusted me. It broke my family’s heart to see how I was.

Rescued from the streets for a new life

I was always on drugs, I didn’t eat much but I would steal and do what I had to do to survive. When I arrived at Hope Place, I was exhausted. I hadn’t slept well in a year and a half . . . At the Mission, I felt safer then I’ve ever felt in my life.

I was here last Christmas. Everyone was so supportive, I was still mending relationships with my family. All my kids loved Christmas here.

We had a little tree in our room and the Mission opened a toy store so we could get toys for our kids.

We celebrated God and all the things He’s done for us . . . this Christmas we plan to give back and serve.

Your gift transforms entire families!

God not only changed me, He changed my family. When they saw the change in me, they went to my baptism. Now they go to church every Sunday and my kids go too. It’s brought us so much closer. I’m so grateful for that. I put my heart and soul into this, to change. Graduation is a huge accomplishment for me.

I’m thankful for this opportunity . . . I’m thankful I have God in my life, and He’s restored my family. I’m thankful for my core sisters here, and every staff member at Hope Place.

Christmas hope has the power to...


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