Carolyn's Story

“I’m not going to die on the highway, strung out. That’s not going to be my story... ”


Carolyn had been dead for four minutes. But in truth, she’d died a long time ago. You’ll be amazed at her story. And the miraculous power of God’s transforming love. Be sure to watch it now.

Carolyn and her son were homeless, hungry, and living on the streets. . .



“Me and my youngest son, who was 16 at the time, were living outside, and eating out of dumpsters just to survive. It was a dangerous place. It was really cold and wet . . . a lot of darkness. We would go by the donut shop at night and dig in their dumpster because we were hungry.”

“My son had just gotten a job and it was hard for him to be homeless and make it to work. I had been in an abusive relationship and it got so bad that he started abusing my son. My son said, ‘I can't do this mom, we need to get out. We need to get away from this. Finally, God just turned the light bulb on and said, ‘I want you to go to Hope Place.’ When I got here, I was so happy and relieved. It was a beautiful, clean, and safe place where I could have my own room — my own bed to sleep in, a shower — and warm food.”

Carolyn’s journey of survival started as a child with addiction in her home. Her parents abused and abandoned her. “The one thing I searched for my whole life, I found here: Someone to love me.”

As a young woman she looked to men to fill the void, but each relationship ended in abuse and heartbreak. At the end of one marriage, her husband shot her point-blank with a 45 in the heart. As she lay in a hospital gurney, she heard God’s voice saying, “Daughter, do not fear. I am here and it is not time for you to go yet. There are still things for you to do.” The doctor said she was dead for four minutes. God had other plans for Carolyn!

“I thought He forgot about me but it was me who forgot about Him. I’m not going to die on the highway, strung out. That’s not going to be my story. I’m grateful for my sobriety and to Hope Place. I’m grateful to the donors . . . Thank you so much. What a God-given opportunity you blessed me and my family with.”

That’s why your support is so important — because every individual and family deserves the chance to discover a whole new life!


“The one thing I searched for my whole life, I found here: Someone to love me.”

Your gift of meals and care will transform lives!

Thousands of broken individuals will line up along 2nd Avenue for a meal. And like Carolyn, many will be on the brink, ready to throw in the towel, unless they can find something to live for.

Every $2.17 you give, you’ll share a hot meal that will be served with life-transforming care.

But here’s the even greater news . . . your support will be multiplied 10 TIMES! Because a caring meal has the power to change not just one person’s life, but the lives of their family, neighbors, and communities!

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