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Scott Chin - September 27 2019

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Relive Catalyst


Thanks to you, thanks to all of the Seattle Catalysts, who helped us reach a defining moment in giving $2,000,000 — and counting — to help the lost become found!

The energy was undeniable and you joined together to create something bigger than yourselves!

What a powerful reminder it is that when we think of the more than 11,000 people in our city who are struggling with homelessness right now, to see them as God sees them, as individuals created in His image. They are not 11,000 homeless people… they are one homeless person, 11,000 times over.
Stories like the ones we heard last night are why I can honestly say that I am not depressed or frustrated, or hopeless or angry, as I think about the task at hand of transforming our city.

That’s what last night, and the work we do every day, are all about: relentlessly pursuing and loving unconditionally each one.


"I was so lost, and now I am found. I am found because I came to the Mission and God changed my life. The Mission led me to Christ. The Mission showed me how to be a man and how to take on responsibility.”

— Johnny


We believe and pray that many of the men, women, and families still struggling with abuse, addiction, and homelessness will have stories to tell like Johnny, Steph, and Paris' in the days ahead — thanks to your support last night.

Again, thank you for answering the call on behalf of our hurting neighbors!


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