Listen to podcast episode: Embracing Generosity

Scott Chin, President - December 18 2019
Listen to podcast episode: Embracing Generosity

Last week, I had the honor and blessing to appear on The Wealth Confidant Podcast, hosted by John Christianson, which helps people connect their money with meaning and purpose.

John and I covered a lot in our conversation. We talked about the question I often ask myself and others: “What are you solving for?” I’ve found that people’s answers to that question tend to change over time. Early in people’s careers, they tend to look for financial success, financial independence, and career growth, while many people who have reached a place of financial independence in their lives answer that question by saying they are looking for meaning and impact.

I was personally able to find meaning and impact through my vocation when God called me out of the corporate world and into ministry, first with World Vision, and now as president here at the Mission. It has been such an honor to meet, get to know, serve, and be in relationship with so many of my neighbors here in my local community.

John and I talked in-depth about the importance of these types of personal relationships. I was able to share with John about how our approach at the Mission is a relational one. God designed us to live in relationship, with Himself, and with others. Without right relationships with God and others, people struggle. At the Mission, we learn people’s names, we get to know their stories, and we invite them into new lives in Jesus. Real healing comes in the context of relationships.

We also talked about generosity, and the benefits of living a generous life. Studies have shown that generous people live longer, have less stress, and experience more joy in their lives as they focus on the needs of others instead of simply on themselves. It’s counter-intuitive in a world that stresses and encourages personal accumulation, but it’s true. In God’s economy, when we give, we receive.

John and his wife have been faithful partners of the Mission for years, and in doing so, have experienced the blessings of living generously in their own lives. When he first got involved, John admitted being fearful of homelessness and homeless people. When he and his wife attended a graduation for women in our women’s recovery program, though, their lives were changed. His wife started teaching at Hope Place, and together they regularly go out with our Search & Rescue vans. John got emotional as he shared how transformational it has been to serve with his wife at the Mission.

So many people’s stories echo that of John’s. Yes, God is changing the lives of our homeless neighbors, but He is also changing the lives of our partners as they help restore lives, dreams, and even legacies for our homeless neighbors, helping them leave homelessness and addiction behind, as they go on to live new, thriving lives.

It was such a pleasure to sit down and talk with John about the Mission and what God is doing here in the lives of so many people. If you’d like to listen, you can check out the podcast episode here. 

If you want to learn more about how you can partner with God and the Mission, by giving financially or volunteering, visit Take Action.