King County One Night Homeless Count

Terry Pallas - May 31 2018

Homelessness, outreach, Morning Watch, Search + Rescue

King County One Night Homeless Count

BREAKING NEWS: Homeless increases to 12,112

We know many of them by name, but need your help to keep up!

They aren’t just statistics. They’re real people caught in desperate circumstances.

We already know nearly half of those unsheltered in Seattle by name. Driven by God’s love, we are compelled to help each homeless person struggling to survive on the streets. Will you join us?

Despite the rise in those experiencing homelessness, there is hope! Our focus on people sleeping outside — those who resist shelters or assistance — has seen remarkable success.

With the generosity of people like you, we’ve helped move almost 600 people from sleeping in doorways, cars, and other dangerous places, into shelter, recovery, and permanent housing over the last year.

We need your help as we urgently continue to respond to the homelessness crisis of King County.

Each gift of $2.21 delivers lifesaving supplies and personalized care to a homeless neighbor in King County.

Your gift goes into the darkest parts of Seattle, helping build relationships that bring about lasting change and connect people with lifesaving assistance. You are helping to move people out of homelessness!

Your gift of $2.21 now delivers lifesaving supplies and personalized care to homeless neighbors in King County.

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