I can't thank you enough for GiveBIG

Terry Pallas - May 10 2018

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I can't thank you enough for GiveBIG

I simply can't thank you enough. So many of you stepped up to the challenge to GiveBIG — and you gave with BIG hearts!

Together, we raised an inspiring and generous $213,055 to help Seattle's homeless and hungry. We are so thankful for your generous gifts to provide more meals, shelter, and hope for a new life!

Your gifts will help families and a lot of people end the cycle of homelessness, and we just want to say thank you for your compassion — to help our neighbors like Anthony, Joann, and Kayann!

Thank you for changing lives like Kayann's! With a grateful heart, Kayann shared, “I was so grateful to have a pillow. I remember thinking, 'Wow, I get blankets and a pillow, and they’re clean.' It’s just the little things in life that you take for granted. After losing everything, now I’m just so grateful for everything!”

“I’m grateful for the support I have. I’m grateful for the Mission and all the amazing women here. I’m grateful that I have a second chance at life,” said Kayann.

Our work is made possible by compassionate people like you, who believe in showing relentless, redeeming love for all people. We go where people live, listen to their stories, and regularly connect with each person to provide emergency care and invite them into our recovery programs.

"We love because he first loved us."
1 JOHN 4:19 NIV

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