Heat Advisory threatens survival for homeless

Terry Pallas - July 23 2018

Homelessness, Search + Rescue

Heat Advisory threatens survival for homeless

Warning! The National Weather Service just issued a Heat Advisory for almost all of Puget Sound. Our most vulnerable neighbors are at risk.

Temperatures are expected to reach around 90 degrees — homeless men and women on the streets of Seattle will fight for their lives!

As we shared last week, our teams are mobilizing and gearing up to go out on their lifesaving mission to deliver water, lifesaving essentials, and care to those battling the temperatures without any protection from the heat.

At our emergency water station, we've served so many like Cece, thankful for your urgent response. "I've had a tough day (on the streets), and this water you gave made it better," says Cece.

Every $2.21 you give will help save a life this summer by delivering water, lifesaving care, and a loving invitation back to the Mission.

Your gift could make a life-or-death difference.

This is urgent. Give now.

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