GiveBIG to DOUBLE your gift

Terry Pallas - May 08 2018

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GiveBIG to DOUBLE your gift

The need in King County is extending beyond our ability to keep up without your help. Men, women, and families are finding themselves unable to make ends meet, with no other option but living on the streets.

Through our BIGGEST GiveBIG Matching Grant, every dollar you give will be DOUBLED up to $100,000 … until midnight on May 9!

Your gifts help homeless people like Anthony

“I grew up in a foster home. My foster mom was abusive . . . I got beat a lot. Around age 15, I thought, ‘I’m over this.’ I had to go to school with a black eye. Those things forced me out the door.”

Anthony became homeless, living in a small corner between a wall and a dumpster. But what Anthony discovered at the Mission changed everything!

“When I think about it now, it was lonely. Beyond the abusive home life, I ended up in abusive relationships. Eventually, I found my way to cocaine. I was living on the streets . . . with nowhere to go and nobody to turn to.”

Today, Anthony is a graduate of our recovery program. “I got a GED . . . I’ve stepped into a new life. It’s like I’ve arrived and I’m home, and my roots are digging deep and healthy. I couldn’t have done that on my own,” he says.

Your GiveBIG gift changes TWICE as many lives!

The Mission is nothing without those who help transform lives, and that’s you!

Learn more about GiveBIG and see the impact of your gift!

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