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GiveBIG 2023 is here!

Seattle's Union Gospel Mission - April 18 2023

GiveBIG 2023 is here!

2023 GiveBIG is here! GiveBIG is an inspiring season of community-wide generosity that annually demonstrates the power you and other compassionate supporters have to make our city a better place to live. From now through May3rd, partners all over Washington will give to support their favorite causes.

At Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission our vision is to see every homeless neighbor — beloved, redeemed, restored. Our mission is to bring the love of Jesus and hope for a new life to our homeless neighbors. In partnering with us through GiveBIG, your gift will help our homeless neighbors overcome addiction and homelessness!

After years of living a life trapped in fear, prostitution, and addiction, you can help people like Annette find help and hope.

Life for Annette seemed bleak. But thank God, a turning point came when one of Annette’s sisters became a Christian and began fervently praying for her. “I think those were seeds being planted in my life,” recalls Annette. In and out of prison because of prostitution, Annette remembers crying out to God one night from jail. “I got on my knees, and I prayed because I was scared. ‘If you get me out of this...’ I just prayed. My pimp came to pick me up so he could take me back out to prostitution, but when I looked at him there was no fear.” Annette was miraculously delivered from the fear and lies that had kept her trapped in this destructive relationship!

When Annette visited the Mission's shelter and recovery program for women and children, she knew immediately that she was supposed to be there. 

“God showed me, 'I have not even begun to do the work that I need to do in you' ... which was healing from the inside out, with my family, with myself, and how it relates to relationships. My life now is so much different.” After graduating from our recovery program, Annette found restoration in her family and relationships. She took a job at the Mission, where she helps other women who struggle with the issues she once faced.

Tune in and listen live to Moug & Angie on STAR 101.5, starting on Tuesday, April 18th to hear Annette share her story – and to learn more about how you can help support your community and Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission through GiveBIG.

Your support through GiveBIG will help more hurting people find the healing and hope that they need to start a new life!

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