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Duff McKagan's new single, Cold Outside

Scott Chin, President - December 03 2019

Community, Homelessness

Duff McKagan's new single, Cold Outside

As Seattle-native Duff McKagan puts it, he was one drink away from dying. The Guns N Roses bassist was thirty years old at the time, and his pancreas had failed. He knew he had to get clean, or his life would be over. Literally.

That was a quarter century ago, and today, thankfully, Duff is still with us, making music and blessing others with his life and his message of hope that they, too, can overcome their addictions and find the help they need to live new, thriving lives.

Duff has released a new video for his song, “Cold Outside” (from his solo album “Tenderness”) that addresses the homelessness crisis in the United States. The song and video aim to help raise awareness of our neighbors who are struggling with homelessness and addiction.

Duff has seen the crisis firsthand, having gone out with the Mission’s Search & Rescue team to visit the Jungle. It’s there he’s connected with people on a personal level, hearing their stories, sharing his story, building relationships, and offering encouragement and hope. Getting to know people individually has helped bring a “humanness” to their stories, Duff explained in a recent interview with KEXP.

We are honored to partner with Duff and we want to congratulate him on the new video and thank him for his efforts to bring awareness of, and hope and healing to, our neighbors in greatest need.

Duff has donated some amazing rewards in support of raising awareness for the Mission this holiday season.

Check them out along with the other ways you can take action to transforming the lives of those in need.

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