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Christmas wishes from Seattle's homeless

Richard McAdams - December 15 2017

Events, Homelessness

Christmas wishes from Seattle's homeless

Homelessness and some of its causes are pretty complex. What we do know is that the best solution is relationships. It’s people coming in contact with people.

I've been doing homeless outreach since I got off the streets myself. Now I get to be that constant in someone's life. I get to show homeless men and women that they matter. They matter to me. They matter to our city.

I had one homeless guy come up to me and ask, "How do you remember everybody's name on the street?" I looked at him and said, "Because you matter."

Jeff Lilley, our president often says, "We have them outnumbered." What he means is there are more people who care about people in need than there are people in need.

This Christmas season, we’re looking beneath the surface issues homeless men and women struggle with to see the unique person inside who wants what we all want – to have our dreams and wishes known, and to be cared for in a personal way.

We believe that love is what brings true hope and awakens desire for a better life. We want to give even more to bless the hearts of our friends who spend Christmas Day outside, many of whom haven't received a personal gift in years!

On Thursday, December 21 we will be handing out personal Christmas gifts from the wishes shared by Seattle's homeless.

We believe every person deserves a Christmas wish, regardless of where they live. Help us make Christmas wishes come true by purchasing one of the items listed on our Amazon Wish List now.

Sometimes, all it takes is one gift to change a life.