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Lost to Found Survival Stabilization Recovery Post Graduation

The path from lost to found lost to found

Just $9.84 equips Search + Rescue to go out on the streets, find the lost, and open the door to new life!


This is the stage you see most often — people living on the streets, often struggling with addiction. We go out 365 days a year to connect them to life-saving assistance.

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The Mission helps meet basic needs for people working to detox and leave the past behind. We provide a safe place where they can make the decision to join our recovery program.

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Our year-long, faith based recovery program helps men and women with counseling and relapse prevention curriculum, and provides the physical, mental, and spiritual healing they need to leave their addictions behind.

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Post Graduation

After completing our recovery program, many people pursue further education, internships, and new jobs. The Mission helps with transitional housing, job training, continuing education, integration with a church, and more.

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Nearly 12,000 people are struggling with homelessness and addiction today in greater Seattle. Here’s how your generosity helped us last year.

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Richard's Story

Stories connect us, one to another. The Mission's story began not when we opened our doors, but when people started walking through them.

Our story is their story.

GiveBIG to provide a path for the lost to become found

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Find the lost

$9.84 equips Search + Rescue to go out on the streets, find the lost, and open the door to new life!


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