2017 Annual Report


It’s simply our job to love first.

The Mission is traditionally known for our shelters. However, in 2017 we began focusing on people sleeping outside – those who resist our shelters or assistance. Following last year’s success in moving people out of the dangerous encampment known as the Jungle, we decided to multiply that same approach across the city.

Working with people struggling with homelessness brings many opportunities to be blessed by the unexpected as we allow God to do what He wants. It’s not our job to decide who is worthy. It’s simply our job to love first, as Christ loves us. Christ’s love motivates action. It can’t stand by; it doesn’t stay put. It runs, it chases, it pursues, it cries, it seeks, it goes when it’s raining, it goes when it’s hot—Christ’s love always goes.

Where does it go? It goes where it’s needed most. It goes to help those whose lives changed dramatically after encountering the Mission.

Why do we do it? Because Christ did it first. Love first at the Mission means you and me working together to help people who need it most. The Mission is nothing without those who make it all possible, and that’s you.

Download our 2017 Annual Report to read inspiring stories of transformation and see the impact of your gifts!

Highlights from 2017

  • 915,813 Meals Served
  • 15,880 Counseling Sessions
  • 207,879 Nights of Safe Shelter
  • 72,189 954 Volunteer Hours
  • 954 Mental Health Outreach Encounters
  • 714 Hot Showers provided by the Shower Trailer
  • 31,009 Search & Rescue Blankets Distributed

$9.07 delivers lifesaving supplies and safe shelter from the summer elements.

Homelessness doesn't take the summer off. Help our team SEARCH for the hurting + RESCUE the lost!

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