Catalyst 2018

Relive Catalyst 2018


Thanks to all of the Seattle Catalysts, who helped us reach a defining moment in giving $2,000,000 — and counting — to transform our city! The energy was undeniable, from John Curley's entertaining antics to the genuine hearts of some of our favorite Seahawks, Frank Clark, Jim and Joy Zorn, and Kam and Tiffany Chancellor. You joined together to create something bigger than yourselves!

Catalyst 2018

Patsy's Story

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You chose to Pursue Good

Your generous support at Catalyst 2018 will impact hundreds — if not thousands — of people who've lost hope. Through the Mission, hurting men, women, and children can find God’s love and a Christ-centered community they need to escape addiction and homelessness.

Patsy shared with us, “Without your support, I wouldn’t be standing here with almost 14 years clean and sober, a successful social service professional, and a role model.

“Now I get to give back and help save lives — just like you! I am paying it forward. I took what I learned in this program and use it for God’s good daily.”

We believe and pray that many of the men and women still struggling with abuse, addiction, and homelessness will have stories to tell like Patsy's in the days ahead — thank you for your generous support.

Do you have questions? Get in touch with Emily — or (206) 723-0767.

Order your Glassybaby

Order your $100 Glassybaby votive to commemorate Catalyst 2018. Your purchase makes a difference — it helps us provide 24/7, 360-degree support services for homeless people in King County, and be a consistent friend to those who are isolated and in need.

Thank you for your partnership to shine a light into the darkness and bring hope to those in despair.


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