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Why We Serve

Serve Seattle is the urgent response to a generation’s search for purpose and the outcry of our city. We believe calling, purpose, and direction are found when your eyes are on Christ, not oneself.

We provide you the opportunity to commit a year to emptying yourself by serving the city through a variety of internships with innovative ministries, while simultaneously being filled by Christ through Biblical training and discipleship. You will be transformed by the grace of Jesus Christ while meeting the needs of the city.

Who We Are

Intentional Community. Biblical Discipleship. Selfless Service.

Serve Seattle is a Ministry of Seattle's Union Gospel Mission. We are an internship accelerator program aimed at placing young folks (18-25 year olds) in an urban environment though our intern placement program in Social Justice Missions and different Ministry opportunities around the city of Seattle. This program hosts an eclectic community letting go of stereotypes and learning to love each other sacrificially. Serve Seattle teammates are committed to living intentionally, loving the unlovely, and living out the gospel for the glorious name of Jesus.

How It Works

Service and Learning

We bring in influential speakers from around the country to encourage, equip, and inspire you. Through lectures, discussions, bible studies, nonprofit tours, and training sessions, you’ll grow in the word, learn how to better live and share your faith in Christ, while also understanding how to pursue justice in the urban core.

Learning meets action through service projects and intensive internships, where you’ll meet real needs and find yourself changed most by the people you came to serve.

Adventure and Exploration

You’ll also have the opportunity to explore Seattle and the surrounding region. Seattle is located in the Pacific Northwest with access to lakes, oceans, mountains, and more. There are many adventures to be had, like hiking the Olympics, skiing Mt. Baker or Stevens Pass, or hopping on a ferry to Bainbridge Island. The opportunities to discover and admire God’s creation are endless.

Intentional Community

We are a family, a tight-knit community committed to laying down our lives to serve each other. We live, learn, serve, play, eat, pray, worship, grow, and love our city together. Bible studies, small groups, morning worship, and lifestyle discipleship will challenge you to move deeper in your relationship with Christ while being transformed by the radical power of the gospel.

Family meals, neighborhood outreaches, and genuine conversations foster deep friendships and will leave you with lifelong memories. No matter what age, race, tribe, or creed—we are a community of grace, pursuing transformation, reconciliation, and relationship for the greater glory of God.

Local Missions Program

Serve Seattle offers a local mission trip experience for groups. Each day, your group will split up into smaller groups and join existing organizations in serving the city in various urban ministries. Your group will be invited to stay in our Serve Seattle house, a 30,000 square foot mansion in the heart of Capitol Hill.

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