Search & Rescue

Cold. Dark. Wet. Welcome to the streets of King County at night.

These words take on new meaning when you've spent a night sleeping on the sidewalk, underneath I-5 or in the doorway of a business. Then you might add a few more adjectives. Bone-chilling. Embarrassing. Frightening.

Hundreds of men and women spend each night like this.

They focus on simple things — keeping their feet dry, finding the best doorway to sleep under or just trying to not think about their growling stomach.

Help to survive the night — the original Search & Rescue

Vans drive into the darkest places in King County whenever there are supplies to hand out.

Volunteers first ask the men and women they meet if they would like to come into the Mission and sleep. If they don't choose to come they're given a warm blanket, food, a hot drink and any other supplies that we have on hand that night.

Regular volunteers dare to reach their hands into darkness and build meaningful relationships with men and women who desperately need to be pulled into the light.

Morning Watch — serving residents and businesses while helping Seattle's homeless

Monday—Friday, 7:00am—9:00am, Seattle residents and businesses in the Downtown corridor can inform the Mission of an individual sleeping on the streets. Get in touch with Darren — 206.622.5177 or

Morning Watch volunteers will arrive shortly thereafter with coffee in hand to offer the man or woman a ride to our downtown shelter to receive a warm breakfast and safe shelter.


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