Help SAVE A LIFE this Winter in King County for just $2.21

Biting winter weather threatens lives in King County!

Every $2.21 you give now will help save a life in King County by delivering critical essentials for survival, like blankets, coats, warm drinks, nutritious food, and more.

“There's got to be more to life than this.” – Mike

Mike panicked ... a local gang had put a price on his head. And he knew if he stayed on the cold streets, if he even took a moment to rest his weary head - he may not ever wake up.

Don’t miss Mike’s touching story of faith and redemption. You’ll be inspired to see how God is using you to give light in the darkness of winter’s chill.

Save Lives Now


Your gift delivers critical essentials for winter survival!

Winters in King County can be deadly for homeless men, women, and children.
But for $2.21, you can help save a life by delivering items like:

A blanket An extra layer of warmth against the wet and cold
Winter coat and hat Protection from the chilling wind and elements
Dry socks and underwear There’s no chance for warmth without these
Hot chocolate and nutritious snacks Fuels a body with badly-needed nourishment and calories

To help restore lives completely, each individual is invited to come back to the Mission to receive prayer, loving care, and more life changing resources

Save Lives Now

Blanket your homeless neighbors with love!

TOGETHER, we have the opportunity to blanket our homeless neighbors with love by delivering critical essentials for survival...

And right now you also have the opportunity to share an encouraging word!

When you give, you’ll also be given a chance to write a hope-filled note for a person who is homeless that your gift is helping to save and support!

So please give now. And be sure to include your note to be delivered to an individual who needs it the most.

Save Lives Now

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Be a part of our legacy of hope

Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission provides emergency care and long-term recovery service to homeless and at risk people in King County.


Your gift will go directly to hungry and hurting men, women, and children in our community.

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Together, we can help everyone who comes to us in need. Find out what YOU can do.

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