BREAKING NEWS . . . 4,505 homeless in King County tonight, up 19%

Winter weather threatens the lives of our homeless neighbors in Seattle. When you’re living on the streets, there’s no place to escape the rain, the wind, and freezing temperatures. Each gift of $14.92 provides lifesaving supplies to a homeless person.

Give Winter Survival Kits

YOU can give a Winter
Survival Kit that includes:

  • Blankets


    “Winter is coming and I have metal in all my body. It gets really cold here on the streets”
    — Kenneth

  • Hot cocoa and encouragement

    Hot cocoa and encouragement

    “Without you guys I don’t know what I would do. I know I’m not going to starve. Thanks for what you’re doing.”
    — Allen

  • Socks, gloves and hats

    Socks, gloves and hats

    “We all need these things. And because we are outside we need them to live.”
    — Johnny

  • Sandwiches


    “It was just a sandwich, but it more than filled me up. It felt like it just went into my bones.”
    — Dean

Urgent Need

Blanket Shortage

Blanket Shortage

"With freezing temperatures, the Mission is running out of blankets to give to those living on the streets," reports Q13 Fox News.

"The Mission's Search and Rescue teams hand out wool rescue blankets to the homeless, but there is now a shortage.

"The blanket gives them a chance to maybe survive the night. Without the blanket, some people won't be alive the next morning especially in this cold weather," said Lynch.

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Breaking News

One Night Count

Homeless Count Up 19%

More than 4,505 people were sleeping outside in Seattle and across King County during the region’s annual One Night Count.

This number is an increase of 19% over those found without shelter this same time last year.

Mark Putnam, the director of All Home, formerly the Committee to End Homelessness, says organizers "definitely saw a real trend" of more homeless people in Federal Way, Kent, Renton, and other parts of South King County.

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