Community Action Center

Join with other caring neighbors to help Seattle's homeless and hungry. Choose one of the activities below and do it by yourself or with your friends and family.


Print Hope Tickets for Seattle's homeless

Recently, you may have felt called to help someone on the streets. Instead of giving money, be prepared with Hope Tickets! They include the address and hours for meals, and an invitation to get help at the Mission!

Print Hope Tickets


Invite the Mission to speak

Discuss homelessness at your next event. Invite the Mission to share a video and help facilitate Q&A. Send us your event date, group size and any special requests.

Contact us to request a speaker.


Shop for blankets

After every shelter is filled, there are still homeless people left on the streets of Seattle every night. Shop our Amazon Wish List to make a tangible difference in someone's life today! Blankets are handed out to help men and women survive the night.

Shop for Blankets

Host food drive for holiday meals

Start a food drive at your church, work or school to help feed Seattle's hungry. Invite your friends and family to help.

Print Food Drive Poster to share needed items