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Running for Recovery

Team Mission fights homelessness and addiction through running, fitness, and community. Joining with community volunteers, we provide training, support, and a close knit team environment for men and women coming through Mission recovery programs. 

We see fitness as an integral part of the recovery process: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Team Mission focuses on building and sustaining a community for all members, providing a place where we support and encourage one another, regardless of position or status in life. We find that running is a great equalizer!

“I’ve built a lot of relationships while running. This has been a team where I've gotten so much support and love and lots of great friends. I don't know what my sobriety would look like if I weren't running … I love Team Mission!” - Laura Feet, Mission Graduate

Together, we train for and participate in events including Ragnar Northwest Passage, Spartan, and several other half marathons and 5k events. Ragnar Northwest Passage is a featured event for Team Mission this year. We were honored to be the featured charity, as part of their Extra Mile Charity program.

Couch to 5k Training Guide

Many of the men and women in addiction recovery are in what fitness experts call detrained condition. With this in mind, Team Mission offers four quarterly Couch to 5k training sessions followed by a 5k event. We highly encourage community members to come join us during the training to help encourage these men and women. It may also be an opportunity to jog or run your first 5k right next to our team members!

The 9-week Team Mission Couch to 5k training plan is designed to show you that running does not need to be painful and time-consuming: it can be rewarding! This 5K training program will deliver results that Team Mission members can really see and utilize in a 5k event.

Team Mission Volunteers 

Love to stay fit through walks, jogs, or running? We're looking for energetic men and women who want to make a difference with the men and women at Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission recovery programs. We embrace all levels of physical ability among recovery members so we encourage all runners, joggers, and walkers to become a part of our growing community.

To learn more or get involved, get in touch with Scott — ssowle@ugm.org or (206) 723-0767.

Climbing Out of Homelessness

Always on the forefront of developing new and exciting health and fitness activities for those in addiction recovery, we're excited to partner with Recovery Beyond Paradigm for Climbing Out of Homelessness - a team-building program that prepares for a summit attempt on Mount Rainier.

Using climbing Mount Rainier as both a literal and figurative metaphor for the effort required to turn one’s life around, the five-day ascent is the culminating event of achievement. 

“Being an addict often comes with a feeling of being less than those who seem to be able to function in normal society. However, climbing alongside the very people I thought I was less than or different from than gave me such a gift. We are all the same. I need them and they need me and most importantly we all NEED Jesus.” - Kristy Ford, Mission Graduate and 2014 recovery climber

For 6 years, the program has maintained the highest safety record and successful participant completion results. To date, 30 climbers have summited - and nearly all of the participants have successfully achieved sobriety in a lasting and meaningful way.

To learn more or get involved, get in touch with Scott — ssowle@ugm.org or (206) 723-0767.


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