Provide and Serve

To serve the whole person, we help remove barriers to permanent housing, adequate employment, family restoration, freedom from legal entanglements, dental and physical restoration, and mental health. Our goal is to restore the dignity of each person.

Prison Ministry

Prison is a dark and lonely place. We refuse to forget those locked inside. To help them return to society and never look back, we give them the tools to break internal chains through Bible studies, life skills classes, and one-on-one mentoring.

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Post-Hospital Recovery

Recovery from an accident or operation is difficult in the best of circumstances, and nearly impossible with no one to help. Men and women needing physical recovery receive a safe place to heal until they regain independence.

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Dental Services

A beautiful smile changes everything. But for those in poverty, it's a luxury. We provide free dental care to restore the smile everyone deserves. What seems like a simple thing can transform someone's life, lifting their self-esteem and opening doors to a new future.

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Legal Services

Stolen ID. Outstanding warrants. Unpaid parking tickets. These and other legal issues can block someone from gaining employment and getting their own apartment. Our legal team provides free help to unravel and deal with simple to complex legal issues.

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Mental Health Services

Mental illness makes the fear and isolation of the streets overwhelming. Our team is equipped to de-escalate situations, bring relief to trauma victims, and prevent further trauma. We specialize in crisis response and intervention, and mental health first aid.

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Together we can transform Seattle, one life at a time

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