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Turkeys for Churches


The Mission’s Turkeys for Churches program can help your church meet the needs of those in great need during the holidays

Here's How:

1) Determine how many Turkeys your church will need
2) Determine a convenient pick-up day and time
3) Click below to sign up for a time slot and order turkeys 

Ordering and Order Pick Up FAQ's

How many turkeys can I request?

Please only order what you need and remember that other churches are also signing up for help.  We recommend one turkey per household. Also, since the turkeys are frozen, they should be redistributed within 24 hours unless you have space to keep them frozen.  The Mission is trying to help as many as possible in great need, so we are not providing “backstock” or “extra inventory.”   

Am I guaranteed a certain quantity of turkeys?  Can I make a request for other items?

No. During the holidays we will only be distributing turkeys. The Mission may limit quantities.

What days and times can I pick up?

Our Thanksgiving pickup dates are November 15-19 and November 22 & 23 

Pick up times are between 8:30am - 3:30pm

Time slots are limited. Appointments are mandatory. Please submit requests 48 hours in advance. Contact us if the need is urgent at church@ugm.org or call the Mission's Church Hotline (206) 580-8108 and we will do our best to help.

I placed an order, what happens next?

You will receive an email confirming your pickup appointment time and pickup instructions.  

Where do I pick up?

Pick up at our Kent Distribution Center (8226 S 208th St. G110 Kent, WA 98032). All individuals must remain in their vehicle, our team will load the vehicle. 

Can I add to the turkeys from Mission?

Absolutely. We encourage you to view the turkeys received from the Mission as a supplement to what you might already be doing.

I need more/less than I originally requested, how do I change my order?

E-mail us at church@ugm.org or call the Mission's Church Hotline (206) 580-8108

I signed up and picked up this week, can I make another request for this week?

If there are open slots, please email us at church@ugm.org or call the Mission's Church Hotline (206) 580-8108. We will try to accommodate you as possible.

Do you offer delivery?

No, you must pick up at our Kent Distribution Center.



Why is the Mission doing this? 

Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission started by serving soup to thousands of homeless and unemployed people during the Great Depression. The COVID-19 pandemic today poses a different set of challenges, but the goal is the same, to love and care for those in great need and to let them know that they are loved and cared for, by us, and by God, no matter their circumstances.

Will this program hurt the Mission’s efforts to love and care for our homeless neighbors?

No, the Mission’s top priority and focus remains caring for and loving our homeless neighbors and helping them with their basic needs.

Is the Mission charging any fees for this service?


How can the Mission afford to do this?

God provided the Mission with extra turkeys and we are led to help churches as the minister to others.  

Where did the Mission get all these turkeys?

From generous individuals, organizations, companies, and churches.

Why doesn’t the Mission just distribute directly to people in great need?

Although we’re in relationship with over 3,000 of our homeless neighbors by name, the Mission is set up to distribute in larger quantities to our kitchens and to our Search + Rescue teams that head out daily. 

We believe that the church knows the needs in their area best and it’s more effective and efficient to partner with the local church. Individuals are also more likely to turn to their local church for help. 

Is the food for this program only for people experiencing homelessness?

No, it’s for anyone in great need, in an urgent, dire, or emergency situation.

How long will this program last?

November and December 2021 only .

Can I help the Mission financially?

Yes, but it’s not a condition of this program. For more information, contact us at church@ugm.org or (206) 580-8108  

Anything else?

Any turkeys received may not be resold or returned. Please note the restriction around resale is a condition placed on the Mission when accepting certain donations.

Help deliver a summer survival kit today!

Every $10.14 sends rescue to a homeless neighbor by delivering water, food, and critical supplies.


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