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Seattle stylists Darcy Camden of Styled Seattle and Sydney Mintle of Gossip & Glamour took on their most ambitious project yet — styling 100 women and kids at the Mission in just one week! Thanks to Purpose Boutique and generous donors, each woman and child received a new "Sunday Best" outfit for Easter to match their new hope and fresh outlook on life. For some women and children, it was likely their first Easter dress or first clip on tie, and more importantly, a reunion with their family.

Top stylists with big hearts

Darcy Camden

"I'm so thrilled to have worked on this project with Seattle's Union Gospel Mission. My team was honored to style 100 Easter outfits for residents at the Mission!" — Darcy Camden, Founder & Chief Stylist of Styled Seattle

Sydney Mintle

"We jumped in with both feet, in the name of fashion. So honored have worked on this project! We can't wait to share the results of this styling journey with you!" — Sydney Mintle, Owner of Gossip & Glamour

Celebrating new life this Easter

Easter at the Mission is about personal redemption and new life. Often estranged from family and friends, many enter our Women's Recovery Program with little hope, self-respect, and few, if any possessions. Over the course of a year, they experience love and trust, break addictions, learn about God’s unconditional love and acceptance, rebuild their families and lives with dignity and respect. 

Watch our video for a final reveal of a new "Sunday Best" outfit for 100 women and children at the Mission. We'll also share powerful transformation stories from Tyra, Domonique, and Nicky  just in time for Easter!


"It's never too late. I knew this was a place where I could get help and my kids would be safe."

Hear Domonique's Story


"I want to steer my children in the right direction and give them a life they deserve."

Hear Tyra's Story


"I was left with just my car and anything that I could fit in it. It was devastating and I just needed a chance to start over...."

Hear Nicky's Story

100 new "Sunday Best" outfits graced our clothing boutique!

Clothing boutique for women in recovery

The word 'boutique' might bring to mind a cute, little women's clothing store that caters to upscale clientele. They know your size and your style, but more importantly, you like how you feel when you walk in the door.

In 2015, the Mission launched "By Design" — a boutique for women in our recovery program. With racking and display generously donated by Nordstrom, and donated clothing and accessories carefully curated for our ladies, we return dignity to women who've experienced so little of it in their lives.

Our boutique allows for a "shopping" experience for new life endeavors — graduation, a job interview, a court appearance, or a special family event. With the help of clothing boutique volunteers, our women find the right outfit or the perfect accessory to complete one. 

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