Sangeeta's Story

“When I came to Hope Place, I was an angry girl, yelling at people all the time, and my child mimicked that.”


Like so many of the people who end up at the Mission, Sangeeta's story begins with a crisis — a crisis like almost anyone could face. When her son's dad died from cancer, they had no place to go.

Strangers in a new town, they had nowhere to go



Sangeeta and 1-year-old Alexandro were new in town and had no friends, so they ended up riding the the bus, wherever it took them. The airport seemed like a safe place, so mother and son actually lived in the terminal for almost a week. With no food, they had no choice but to ask passengers for help.

A kind, elderly couple approached her, and asked, "Are you OK?" Sangeeta told them, "No. I just lost everything. I don't have anything." So they took her and Alexandro to their house, where they were blessed to stay for several months.

But Sangeeta knew she would have to find a better solution.

Life changed for good at Hope Place

Sangeeta spent time in a couple shelters and finally found a spot in the Mission's transitional housing program. From there, she came to stay for a year at Hope Place, the Mission's respected recovery program for women with children.

Though Sangeeta didn't struggle with substance addiction, Hope Place's recovery program helped her realize the hold anger had over her life. Sangeeta was able to see that her very difficult childhood was at the root of her bitterness.

"When I came to Hope Place, I was an angry girl, yelling at people all the time, and my child mimicked that," Sangeeta says. "The staff really helped me grow personally. I got the tools and skills to grow as a parent. I've learned so much. It really helped me with all the trauma and how I was raised.

New tools bring transformation

Sangeeta's case manager gave her the personalized assistance she really needed — trauma-informed counseling, parenting skills and education assistance. "When I meet with her, I always tell her how everything is going. She really helped me get tutoring because I have a problem reading."

Sangeeta's reading skills improved dramatically with help from her tutor Judy. "She really helped me to read confidently out lout, because I was having trouble," Sangeeta says. "Just is the most amazing person. She says, 'Sangeeta, I know you can do it!'"

This process began a dramatic and redemptive transformation for Sangeeta. She's recently graduated from the program, has a safe place to live, and returned to school to finish her education. 

More lives and families in King County are in crisis. And without you, they won’t have any options to find a new life, a whole life, a full life.

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