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Mission Named as One of Best Christian Workplaces

Scott Chin, President - August 07 2020

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Mission Named as One of Best Christian Workplaces

Pictured are staff graduates of the Mission's Emerging Leaders Program, a 10 month intensive designed to develop and refine our staff members' leadership skills by gaining experience in leading teams, birthing ideas, and developing ministry projects to see visions become reality.

One of our goals at the Mission is to create a workplace culture where employees feel valued, respected, rewarded, and trusted. We believe doing so is vital to the well-being of our staff. If we can help our staff thrive, then they are better equipped to help our neighbors live thriving lives in turn.

Recently, the Mission’s efforts to provide a healthy, affirming workplace were recognized as the Best Christian Workplaces Institute honored us as one of the 76 Best Christian Workplaces for 2020.

According to Religion News Service, the Best Christian Workplaces Institute is “an international non-profit, research-based, organizational development and human resources consulting firm.” Its mission is “to equip and inspire Christian leaders to build a flourishing workplace.”

Mission leadership is both humbled and honored to be recognized by the BCWI, which anonymously surveys employees of Christian organizations, including churches, schools, businesses, parachurch and missions organizations, and more. All of the organizations are evaluated based on BCWI’s “FLOURISH Model”, encompassing “Fantastic Teams, Life-giving Work, Outstanding Talent, Uplifting Growth, Rewarding Compensation, Inspirational Leadership, Sustainable Strategy, and Healthy Communication.”

“Though we’re obviously blessed and honored to be recognized, we see this as both an affirmation that we are moving in the right direction, and an impetus to continue moving in that direction,” says Mission President Scott Chin. “Our high participation rate (97%) indicates how much our staff cares about the environment in which they work. I am so thankful for what God is doing here and who He is bringing here as well. It is such a joy to serve with each and every one of our staff members. Moving forward, we will continue to strive to make the Mission an even better place to work.”

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