Seattle's Union Gospel Mission is about more than working 9 to 5

It's about making a difference in Seattle
It's about impacting men, women, and children in greatest need
It's about changing lives forever
It's about seeing God's love in action

Join us if you ...

are a Christian and agree with our Statement of Faith
want to serve people who are homeless, feed people who are hungry, and give hope to people who have none
desire lasting community with like-minded people
have the skills and the passion you'll need for the work we do

Full-time Mission employees receive a competitive benefit package including vacation, sick leave, retirement, and tuition reimbursement. You can see the entire benefit package here.

You'll also receive many nontraditional benefits including the opportunity to volunteer with any of our life-changing programs.

Current job openings

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Emergency Shelters



Food Services


Open Door Legal Services


People Team

Serve Seattle

Women and Children's Ministries

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