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Core Values

Core Values and Behaviors

Passionate Urgency

Passionate Urgency

Strategic Effectiveness

Strategic Effectiveness

Courageous Belief

Courageous Belief

We are bold in our belief that the gospel transforms lives.

Recognizing that apart from Christ we can do nothing, and acting on his clear call to serve the poor and broken, we are bold in our proclamation of the gospel and courageous in our efforts to accomplish our mission. (Romans 1:16)

Rely on prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit

The courage to speak up comes from the power of the Holy Spirit. We will be filled with the Holy Spirit on a daily basis. When we face situations and conversations in which we feel weak or confused we will pause and ask God for his guidance and boldness.

Be ready and prepared
We are confident in the hope we have in Jesus Christ and our hearts are settled in the fact that Jesus is in charge. We will take the time to think through, write out and practice sharing our gospel story in order to be ready to respond when people ask us about our work. Recognizing that the gospel touches on every area of our work, we will carefully consider what we believe and be ready to respond in a thoughtful manner.

Look for opportunities to share
The gospel God sends us into the world with the ministry and message of reconciliation. Therefore, we will seek out opportunities to share the gospel and not wait for them to come to us. We approach each conversation and situation from a gospel perspective and with a sense of urgency.

Skillfully share the gospel in all presentations
Knowing that our work gives us a platform to share with others, we will be clear about who we are and our belief that the gospel transforms lives. Since we find ourselves in an environment that is often hostile to our beliefs, we will strive to be creative and sensitive in the way that we present our message of hope.

Speak with gentleness, respect, and clarity
Jesus gave us a great example of speaking with grace and truth. We will strive to listen to others, respecting their opinions and ideas and communicating in a humble and sincere manner. Recognizing the damage done by trauma and abuse, we will share the message of reconciliation with gentleness, love, and understanding.

Innovative & Scrappy

Innovative & Scrappy

We are creative and innovative in our efforts to accomplish our mission.

Undaunted by inevitable challenges and setbacks, and reminded of the urgent needs of others, we will always be scrappy and tenacious in creating, discovering, and designing ministry solutions to remove or reduce suffering. (Luke 5:17-20)

Be audacious in our approach to solutions
We carry a “Can-Do” attitude, constantly seeking continuous improvement. We strive to say “Yes, and…” rather than saying “No” to ideas right away, and create a culture that is open to questions, to change, and new ideas.

Creativity is recognized and encouraged
We create time and space to be creative and nurture creativity. We foster and encourage new ideas and create a culture of innovation. We dream, explore and follow a path that allows for creativity, audacious thinking, and big ideas.

Look for the best ideas
We encourage others, knowing the best ideas likely lie with them, not only within us. We look for opportunities to engage people, brainstorming, partnering, and gleaning wherever the best ideas come from – to help as many as we can.

Embrace our failures
We create a culture of trust and safety for ideas, with opportunities to fail. We embrace our failures, and learn from our mistakes.

Celebrate, learn and share
We celebrate successes, learn from misses, and happily share both so that others can learn from our experiences. We pursue the best solutions, but understand that there are times when it’s just best to learn from mistakes or shortfalls and continue to move forward.

Sacred Relationships Back to the top

We are committed to healthy and vibrant relationships – both with God and with others.

We are created in the image of God. As image bearers, God desires to be in relationship with us and see us in relationship with one other. The Mission values healthy and vibrant relationships with those we serve on the streets, our guests, volunteers, staff, donors, and communities. This health and vibrancy is founded first in our relationship with God who has moved towards us at all costs. It is our commitment to move towards one another with a similar demonstration of love, courage, grace, and humility modeled by Jesus. This is especially important when we fall short in our relational pursuits. (Matthew 22:37-39)

Pursue Jesus
We will pursue Jesus daily, recognizing that he alone gives us our ability to serve and receive from others. We will seek out and establish time in the Word, prayer, and fellowship.

Listen generously
We listen with care, giving our undivided attention and holding each other’s stories in confidence. We listen to understand, actively pursuing others’ points of view, longing for their perspective. We are quick to listen and slow to speak.

Assume the best of and serve one another
We endeavor to serve others and empower others to serve. We assume the best of one another, and fill gaps in information with trust not skepticism. We don’t engage in gossip. We are kind.

Build and strengthen relationships
We take time with each other to build and strengthen our relationships. We encourage one another, and express gratitude. We humbly ask for and extend forgiveness, and intercede for one another in prayer.

Communicate openly
We will practice vulnerability and transparency. We tell the truth in love and engage in timely crucial conversations in trust, safety and without fear. We communicate information openly and often, with no surprises.

Passionate Urgency

We are passionate about bringing help and healing as quickly as possible!

With a clear understanding that it is the gospel that transforms lives, and that those who don’t know Christ are perishing, and that many caught in poverty, addiction, and the effects of sin are in immediate and present suffering and pain, we are passionate about bringing help and healing as quickly as possible. (Luke 10:2)

Say “yes” even when it’s messy
We serve with the spirit of “YES”, rather than “no.” We go into the dark and messy places even when it is difficult – focusing on those in greatest need.

Run toward the need
We go, moving toward the most urgent matters. We don’t hold back. Time is short, and our work can be a matter of life or death.

Value people over procedure
While procedure and order is helpful and has its place, we go beyond rules and protocol to help those in crisis. We personalize all that we do, seeking to see the person through the problem.

Keep people alive
We focus on those in greatest need, offering whatever it takes to save a life. Whatever we do unto the least of these, we do unto the Lord. Our hope is that those in crisis may find life, hope, and healing through Jesus Christ.

Operate out of our passion
We love love, and endeavor to love first. We operate out of our passion and love the stranger. We develop passion in those around us, and we lead by the wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

Strategic Effectiveness

We are strategic and effective in our efforts and use of resources.

We are strategic and purposeful about all of our ministry efforts. Knowing that we have limited resources and multiple distractions from otherwise compelling projects, we will invest our resources and time in that which brings about the most impact for those in greatest need. (Luke 14:28-30)

Vision clarity
We fix our eyes on God and his vision for redemption and wholeness and salvation in this community. To do this, we look deeper, we look ahead, we develop long-term strategies and tactics. We engage in listening prayer, and work collaboratively.

Plan, Focus, Execute
Through goal-setting, we make sure we have thought through all elements. We embrace budgets and planning in order to be the best stewards of the resources God provides. Using metrics, key performance indicators, and check-ups, we calibrate our aim to stay locked on God’s vision, and execute our programs with excellence.

Maximize resources
We do the most good with the least resource. Because lives are at stake, we encourage and celebrate creativity. “That’s the way we’ve always done it,” is not part of our lexicon. We meet the greatest needs with the best solutions.

Hire the best people for the best job
We hire gifted people, and send them forward with clear goals. Because gifts and talents are multiplied when we work together, we collaborate inside and outside of the Mission. We know and trust God has called us to this holy work, so we help each other grow and flourish with the gifts and calling God has given each of us.

Constantly evaluate our programs
Keenly aware of the resources God has lavished on us, we always evaluate program ideas, determining how they deliver the most impact. God’s mission and vision come first, whatever it takes to help those in greatest need. We each take personal responsibility for helping the Mission reach its goals, God’s goals.

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