Women & Children

Most of our guests have addiction issues and/or abuse issues. Our guests are referred through many sources and face tremendous obstacles. Regardless, they can find a place of hope and healing, a place that helps them meet their spiritual, emotional, educational and physical needs. We believe that every individual's journey back to self-sufficiency is dependent upon a personal relationship with God and transformation from the inside, rather than conformity.


Hope Place

The Women and Children's Shelter, Hope Place is located in South Seattle in the NewHolly neighborhood at 3802 South Othello Street.  The 5-story facility includes 99 guest rooms, housing up to 208 women and children.  It is one of the few facilities in Seattle that accepts women with male children up to age 18.

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Emergency Care/Services

Given the demand for long-term care, Hope Place provides emergency shelter for women and women with children on a short-term basis. Many we serve suffer from years of drug and alcohol abuse or physical abuse and are in need of long-term care.

Support Services

  • Living accommodations and meals for up to 208 women and children
  • Clothing, personal care and hygiene items
  • Public school enrollment for children 5 and over
  • After school tutoring program for school age children
  • Professional counseling
  • Individual case management
  • Christian support groups and classes
  • Bible studies and group discussions for adults and children

Long Term Care/Services

The Oaks Program, a residential rehabilitation program, is a personalized program which enables our clients to break free from self-destructive behavior. A 12-month program is available for women with addiction or abuse issues. Based on individual issues and needs, each woman designs her own program with her case manager and combines counseling, classroom instruction and personal responsibilities to break old habits and build self-worth, and self-respect. Bible study is an integral part of this curriculum.

In addition to academic and vocational instruction, additional classes are offered in such life ski lls as: Money Management, Parenting, Employment readiness, Recovery and Anger management, Domestic Violence, Healthy Relationships, Emotional Freedom, Boundaries, etc.

T.E.E.M. (Training, Education, Employment and Maintaining) is a one year program at the shelter for those who complete the 12-month Oaks program. This allows women to get job training, college education, or a job in the community, to become better prepared to support themselves or their family, while maintaining stability and their spiritual walk.

The Women of Wisdom program is an internship that prepares Oaks graduates to enter into full-time Christian service. During this one-year program, the women teach Bible classes, participate in 20 hours a week of work-study and lead a service project such as creating a movie night for homeless kids or volunteering with the Mission's Search and Rescue Van.

The Learning and Education Center (LEC) is available to all women who reside at the shelter. This computer lab, with 30 workstations, teaches basic office skills and enables our women to earn their GED and acquire other career skills.

For more information about the Women and Children's Shelter and its programs, please contact Stacy at 206.628.2008.

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