Hispanic outreach

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We're reaching out to help the fastest growing population in the United States: Latinos. They come from throughout Latin America, looking for better wages, hope and a new future for their family.

The language barrier makes it difficult for Latinos to find emergency help when they need it. Finding a job or getting help with issues like addictions can seem impossible.

Isolation is another factor. Men and women often face life in the states alone, thousands of miles from their support network of family and friends.

Our Spanish-language program, Buenas Nuevas, gives Hispanic men in our community support and assistance as they work through the challenges of living in a foreign land.

Spanish-language services

  • English as a second language classes
  • Chapel
  • Hispanic-themed meals
  • Immigration and citizenship legal assistance through the Mission's legal services program
  • Access to community resources such as temporary employment, housing and healthcare
  • 1-on-1 counseling

¿Necesita ayuda? Podemos ayudar. Comunica con Elena — 206.432.8473 o esamuels@ugm.org.


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