Fight Hunger

Summer of Hope

Summer of Hope

Hunger impacts the man or woman living on the streets. Seniors. Families. Kids. All of them face hungry stomachs with startling frequency.

Elena knows what it's like to go three days without food. "One meal can make it feel just like you're just at home. One good meal to get into your body. Even if it was that one meal for the week, it would give you one thing to look forward to," says Elena.

Your monthly gift of $44 for May, June, July, and August will provide food, water and care for someone in desperate need this summer.

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Thank you

With our friends from SPIRIT 105.3 — we raised 55,936 meals and care for hungry men, women and children this summer. And that's not all. We'll offer them a chance to enter our recovery program, get off the streets and start a new life!

Ken tells us, "A meal is a gift from God. It's really a gift. I feel blessed. Thank you!"

You came through and sacrificed of your own resources to help someone less fortunate. We are so thankful to have a friend like you!