YOU can give a Winter
Rescue Kit that includes:

  • Blankets


    “I sleep outside. It is pretty cold. I have no blankets. I just zip up my hoodie and put my hood on. It’s the best I can do.”
    — Kelly

  • Socks, gloves and hats

    Socks, gloves and hats

    “We all need these things. And because we are outside we need them to live.”
    — Johnny

  • Hot cocoa and encouragement

    Hot cocoa and encouragement

    “You guys are my angels. I don't know who God is, but he keeps rescuing me.”
    — Allen

  • Sandwiches


    “It was just a sandwich, but it more than filled me up. It felt like it just went into my bones.”
    — Dean


Changing Lives

Dean's Story

Dean's Story

When the rain hit, he sought refuge under a bridge. "I remember shivering all night. I was terribly under dressed."

When Dean woke, he walked right to the Mission and found a clean, warm bed.

Dean savored his first meal, "It was like eating a Christmas dinner! It felt like it just went to my bones . . . and for me to have a bed the next day — it was overwhelming."

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Breaking News

One Night Count 2015

One Night Count

"It is one thing to count homeless people. It is another to bring lifesaving supplies and love to each of them," shares Jeff Lilley.

On January 23, volunteers counted 3,772 homeless neighbors on the street — 21% increase!

The annual One Night Count is a call to action for us, our churches, and residents of this city. Your gift of $14.92 delivers a Winter Rescue Kit for a homeless person!

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On The Phone


Monthly Giving

You may have recently received a call from us. We're inviting you to join a special group of supporters who give monthly!

It costs just $1.92 to provide a life-changing meal. Your monthly gift guarantees more hungry people will be fed and cared for . . . every month!

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