Transformation Story


“If I save one person from abuse, my life will be meaningful.”




You help save lives like Katrina’s. Your generosity gave her a place to heal and flourish!

“My mom was mentally ill and abusive. She shouldn’t have had any kids but she had nine of us. I thought one of my brothers or my sister would die . . . I lived in fear, says Katrina.

“In college, I met someone and got married. As soon as he knew I was there to stay, the abuse started. He even punched me in the stomach when I was pregnant. I thought he was trying to kill our baby. You can’t have self-respect and be mentally and physically abused every day. 

“When I came to Hope Place . . . it was divine intervention. I knew I was supposed to be here. I love the Alpha classes, the Bible classes, and helping others as a domestic violence support intern. 

“As Christians and survivors of domestic abuse, we need to let young women know what a safe person is; they don’t have to stay in abuse. You can’t change your past. But you can change somebody’s future. That’s my goal and my purpose that God showed me.”

That’s why your support is so important — because every individual and family deserves the chance to discover a whole new life!

Your gift of meals and care will transform lives!

Thousands of broken individuals will line up along 2nd Avenue for a meal. And like Katrina, many will be on the brink, ready to throw in the towel, unless they can find something to live for.

Every $1.98 you give, you’ll share a caring meal that will be served with life-transforming care.

But here’s the even greater news . . . your support will be multiplied 10 TIMES! Because a caring meal has the power to change not just one person’s life, but the lives of their family, neighbors, and communities!

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