High Risk Youth

Kids join gangs at a young age in inner city Seattle/King County. 12 or 13 can be too late.

The warning signs come even earlier. Kids who can't read by 2nd or 3rd grade will likely drop out of school and join a gang.

Children without meaningful relationships or guidance from parents, teachers or other concerned adults face higher risks as well.

Preventing a bleak future for high risk youth

These girls and boys must experience love and acceptance before it's too late.

These children are a community responsibility. Together, we can have a profound impact on these high risk youth.

  • Project 98118: Gang activity in the Rainier Valley is high. We're building relationships with a coalition of churches, individuals and community agencies to encourage young people to pursue positive lifestyles.
  • Literacy and academics: Early and elementary age youth must learn to read and write so they can succeed in school. Tutors can give students the tools they need to succeed while acting as a positive influence in their lives.
  • Satellite programs: We're specifically targeting the highest risk areas in the city to start new after-school programs to help students with tutoring, spiritual/personal development and athletics.

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High Risk Youth