Key Area of Service: Poverty

There's a better alternative to treating the symptoms of poverty. That's what Seattle's Union Gospel Mission's poverty initiative is all about: solving the core issues that create poverty.

People slip into poverty for a variety of reasons:

  • poor life and job skills
  • unplanned catastrophes
  • bad habits passed on from parents
  • legal problems

We won't wait for solutions to materialize on their own.

Defeating poverty

We've identified the projects that will best equip men and women to avoid poverty. So far we've identified 4 main projects:

  • Adopt-a-block: Churches, companies, volunteers and service agencies work with us to procure, distribute and transport food and meals into the communities most devastated by hunger. But that's not all, we bring dental services, legal help and more into these communities as residents need help.
  • Human trafficking: Poverty makes young women vulnerable to human traffickers. If things get bad, prostitution can be one of their only options. We're partnering with agencies and churches in high-risk areas to provide emergency care, housing and case management for at-risk women.
  • Legal services expansion: Simple legal problems keep people on the streets. We're expanding our ability to provide affordable legal services throughout King County.
  • Prison release/relapse prevention: 2 out of every 3 criminals re-offend within 2 years of getting out of prison. We're working with prisoners before, during and after their release to ensure they don't become one more statistic.

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