Key Area of Service: Hunger

Economic turmoil has affected people in a big way, especially when it comes to food. Food prices skyrocket. But for the poor, even those who have a job, their ability to purchase it is slipping away. This is what we call food insecurity.

Hunger impacts more than the man or woman living on the streets. Seniors. Minimum wage families. Kids. All of them face hungry stomachs with startling frequency.

We have a big problem. Even community food banks can't keep their shelves full. Others are closing their doors altogether.

Big problems demand 1 thing: big solutions.

Standing in the gap for Seattle's hungry

Serving more meals may have been the solution in years past. But that's not good enough anymore. Here's how we're standing up to the food crisis.

  • Community meal outreach: Meals are meals, no matter where they are served. We're forging partnerships with churches and civic groups to host community meals across King County.
  • Serving more meals: While meals at the Mission won't solve the whole problem, they sure help. We're serving more meals than ever before at the Mission, from the Search & Rescue Vans and more. We're even providing food to food banks.
  • Food transportation network: When someone is unable to come and get a meal, we want to be able to bring it to them. We're working with volunteers to create a rapid response team that to deliver meals to people all over the city.
  • Adopt-A-Block: We're coordinating with churches, companies, volunteers and service agencies to procure, distribute and transport food and meals in communities most devastated by hunger.
  • Adopt-A-Meal: Restaurants and caterers caught the vision. We're aiming to get volunteer groups and churches involved as well. They're cooking meals on a regular basis at the Mission.

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