Individuals, families and communities alike are torn apart from the ravages of addiction.

Some are driven to the streets by their destructive habits, others take to addiction to escape the pain of life on the streets, depression or abuse.

Bridges are burned, relationships broken, family ties frayed and torn, all the work of addiction.

Our addiction initiative seeks to increase capacity for drug and alcohol recovery.

Addictions cannot be ignored

When Jesus came to earth He proclaimed freedom to those held in captivity. As God's hands and feet, we're here to free men and women held captive by their addictions.

  • Outpatient programs: Tailor and leverage Mission recovery programs to accommodate clients living off-site.

  • Community recovery networks: Coordinate with existing and facilitate startup of new church-based recovery programs.

  • Outcomes based evaluation: Continue to develop and implement careful measurement and tracking to ensure effective program results.

  • Employment readiness and transition: Emphasis on preparing participants for self-sufficiency after the program.

  • Outpatient programs: Building trust with someone is complicated.

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